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    1. 36 worksWhy, said I to my hostess one day, dont Madame X.s friends look after her? Seeshe is arching her neck over there in the corner, and I am perfectly certain she has told the man with her that he has been, is, or is going to be a horse.

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      12 worksBut he was poking a cigar into my mouth, and I could not answer until it was well alight.

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      photographyCome with us to the Crab Tree, said two or three friends on one of these occasions.

      44 worksAnd he pointed to some high chimneys that overtopped 18a belt of trees, and stopped and gazed. But I was in no mood of reverence and, though I have frequently struggled to induce a feeling of rapture when gazing upon the large canvases of Watts, I have never been able to do so. So I pulled out my handkerchief and wiped my perspiring forehead.

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      25 worksAh, but then, exclaimed Ronald, quite sincerely, you are a composer, and I am not.

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      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec sit amet mi nec leo egestas sagittis. Once again I return to my statement that Fleet Street is romantic because many of the people in it are romantic. But what is a romantic person? Alas! I cannot define one. Perhaps a romantic person is he whose soul is mysterious and elusive and whose mind is perturbed and exalted by a poetic vision of life. He must care little for the things that Mr Samuel Smiles and the get on or get out school value so much.... No. That will not do at all, for a great many men and women who have cared a great deal for money and worldly power were romantic. Nero, for example, and Cleopatra, and Shakespeare, and Queen Elizabeth, and Lord Verulam


      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec sit amet mi nec leo egestas sagittis. And it used to be so fine to come forth from the Cathedral at noon, step into that mellow September English sunshine which I have not seen for nearly three years, and walk by the river ... walk perhaps a mile or so and come back to the hotel to eat cool meats and cool salads and drink cool wine. It was at these times I used to sigh and long for Bayreuth and wonder if I should ever see the grave of Wagner in the garden of Villa Wahnfried in that little Bavarian town.

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      PSD BY It was a close study of Simpsons menu that started the cookery discussion. The Beautiful Lady and I were told what was wrong and what was right with the menu. And 40then there began a discourse, profound, full of strange knowledge and recondite wisdom, a discourse that Balzac should have heard, that the de Goncourts would have envied. We listened, amazed. And a waiter, having rushed to our table in the stress of his work, stood anchored, his mouth slightly open, his whole attention riveted on the Master from whom no gastronomic secrets were hid. Truly, Harris was amazing!


      more 50 answersWhen we had finished our meal he took me to his study. Near the window was a typewriter; in the typewriter was a sheet of paper half covered with script. There were very few erasures.

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